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essential oil recipe for dark spots

5 Best Essential Oils That Can Fade Dark Spots


Essential oils (EOs) are not at all new in this epoch; in fact, essential oils have been used in wellness practices as early as at least 5,000 years ago. However, these EOs might be new to you if you haven’t used them before. Essential oils are compounds extracted from the plants comprising unique aroma and qualities. One may find common similarities in more than a few essential oils. For instance, some Eos have relaxing and calming effects (due to their pleasant aroma), while some essential oils are sharp and strong. Essential oils are beneficial not only for aromatherapy but also favorable for skin, hair, relieving pain, stress, and so on. Aren’t essential oils great? This article is all about giving you a perfect picture of how essential oils for dark spots on face are helpful.

Hope you would have understood the basics of essential oils; if you want to know more about these natural oils, you can dash ahead with Shoprythm’s blogs to gain further information. Let’s be on our main topic of Essential oils for dark spots on face. So, yes, there are certain highly preferred essential oils for scars that could end your wait, time, and money on chemical-based products.

Mentioned below are some best essential oils for dark spots on the face.

Essential Oils that can Help Diminish Dark Spots

Based on the explanation by Nava Greenfield, MD, a board-certified dermatologist (New York), he clarified that many EOs act in the same ways in managing the dark spots; they act as a gentle acid removing the buildup of dead cells that allows a new layer of cells to take its place.”

Do you know there are over ninety essential oils that have supreme health benefits in the world of aromatherapy, skin, and hair care purposes but if we talk about essential oils for scars, there are selected EOs, and we have filtered five best essential oils for dark spots on face in front of you; these are –

Best Essential oil for dark spots

Tea Tree Essential Oil 

Tea tree essential oil has the superpower to manage skin conditions. It is a natural remedy for many things, from skin issues to lessening hair fall and dandruff. One of the considerable specifics we are learning about Tea Tree oil is its properties to diminish dark spots. To get rid of stubborn dark spots, Tea Tree essential oil comes first in the list of best Essential oils for dark spots on face.

This power comes from the oil’s knack to prevent and speedily heal a blemish rather than a scar fading itself, and when you heal faster, you are less to be expected to have dark spots. Mix it with Grapeseed – as it is one of the best carrier oil for dark spots.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed essential oil is derived from carrot seeds and is super rich in beta carotene, bringing a bright skin tone. The carrot seed oil has always been in the spotlight that comprises skincare benefits. It has rejuvenating properties and can be used to make a DIY face mask. Carrot oil for dark spots – To get bright and clear skin, take t tsp. Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), a spoon of pure and organic aloe vera gel, and two to three drops of carrot seed oil; mix it well and apply this face mask (avoiding eye area) to get radiance skin with the least dark spots. This DIY face mask using Carrot oil for dark spots probably comes up with a good outcome if you apply it twice a week.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil can repair the skin and calms irritated skin. The presence of linalyl acetate, an ester naturally found in lavender, soothes the skin conditions and heals the skin problem leading to less scarring. It is one of the best essential oil for skin repair.

How to use lavender essential oil for dark spots on the face? Mix it with pomegranate oil – it makes a pleasant smell and penetrates the skin quickly, providing skin lightening benefits.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil is a natural astringent and comprises n number of skincare properties. It has soothing properties that soothe irritated and itchy skin. Along with all these plusses, it is one of the essential oils for dark spots on face that one can experience flawless skin with no or minimal scars or dark spots.

It can tone the appearance of the skin by diminishing the dark spots (may be caused by acne or other conditions). It promotes a balanced distribution of melanin; melanin is the pigment responsible for skin darkening.

Neroli Essential Oil

It comes from the flower of the orange tree; hence it is a citrus-derived essential oil. Based on research, Neroli oil can stimulate skin cells to regenerate, providing anti-scarring properties. This makes Neroli oil one of the best essential oils for dark spots on face, stretch marks, and scars.

The cherry on the cake about Neroli oil is its presence of Vitamin C, widely known for its scar-fading properties.

Putting It all Together

Who doesn’t want to have flawless skin with no scars and blemishes – Everyone, right? Like how we protect our mobile phones with the back cover and screen guard, we have to protect our skin from sun damage or any other condition by providing ample hydration, moisturization and taking care of it by using the right products. And there is no better option than making essential oils your best friend in your skincare regimen. Here is the list of best Essential oils that clear hyperpigmentation.

If you want to buy pure, natural & the best oil for pigmentation in India, you can choose one of the essential oils that has been listed above, which can fade scars, dark spots and brighten the skin’s appearance. Shoprythm is known for delivering 100% pure and natural essential oils in India and other specific countries. In between, if you have any questions regarding the purchase or oil’s uses and benefits, you can chat with our customer care executive. 

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