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Orange Essential Oil Uses &  Benefits

Orange Essential Oil Uses & Benefits


Orange is one of the citrus species fruit, which bears the scientific name Citrus sinensis. Its essential oil is extracted by using the old-fashioned technique of cold pressing. Orange essential oil is best known for its uplifting scent in the environment and makes it cheerful. 

This oil has the natural ability to enhance immunity and reduce several symptoms. Its medicinal application helps deal with acne, chronic stress, many other health concerns.

Orange essential oil goes a long way in managing exceptional multiple health benefits, including multiple skins and health disorders, by either applying topically, DIY mask, adding to the bathwater, moisturizing cream.

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

This citrus fruit has various benefits as an essential oil, which includes:

  • Orange essential oil is beneficial to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and worries with the help of aromatherapy. 
  • Orange Oil Benefits Hair– It has n number of benefits; one of the advantages of using Orange Essential Oil is its hair care properties. It helps to manage the dry and itchy scalp eliminating dandruff as the vitamins in the orange oil provide deep nourishment to the hair, making them thick and strong.
  • This amazing essential oil is beneficial to subside the pain caused due to bone fractures.
  • For those suffering from skin conditions, orange oil is a savior as it helps in reducing blackheads and zits, and with its antibacterial strength, it kills candida yeast.

How to use Orange Essential Oil?

There are multiple ways to use the orange essential oil based on the purpose for which it is used.


When looking for pain relief, dilute the orange essential oil with a carrier oil and massage it to the affected area. Orange oil can calm down the pain of knee/ joint/ or muscular pain. 


Diffuser allows the oil to evaporate, and evaporation occurs the scent spreads throughout the room. You can even spray it as desired with the help of a sprayer.

Uses of Orange Essential Oil

The orange essential oil has multiple uses for skin & body; it has anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties that help soothe irritated skin, redness, breakouts, wounds, and bacterial infections.

The orange essential oil uses are as follows:

  • Orange essential oil helps to reduce stress and lift the mood.
  • It helps to deal with the skin conditions such as dry/ sensitive skin. It can also flare up oily skin conditions.
  • It helps in relieving an upset stomach and helps to reduce the pain.
  • It is used as a natural household cleaner.
  • Orange essential oil reduces the incidence of painful reflexive muscle contractions.
  • Orange oil adds a pleasant smell to a variety of perfumes and cleaners.
  • Orange essential oil helps to improve digestion by massaging it on the abdominal area and preventing or relieving gas and constipation.
  • This oil helps to reduce the levels of stress & anxiety and uplifts the mood by scattering positive vibes around you.

The Bottom Line

According to multiple research, non-toxic and non-irritating orange essential oils have various benefits. 

In a nutshell, if we talk about the benefits of Orange essential oil, then it works wonders to the skin (leaves the skin soft, smooth, and moisturized), nourishes hair, and strengthens it, used in aromatherapy (uplifts the mood, relieves tension), and used for massage purpose.

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  • tastani - Dec 07, 2022

    Thank you for explaining information about orange essential oil ,how to use orange essential oil, benefits of orange essential oil.The team at Tastani Foods is solely focused on bringing oils which is real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this rather ambitious project of moving every Indian household from the highly processed & packed foods to the real food from nature which our ancestors consumed for thousands of years.

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