Acne Care Combo

Acne Care Product Combo

For a perfect acne treatment at home, here is the most beneficial combo for managing acne. It comprises of Parasoft Cal Lotion and Acnethro Soap. The Parasoft cal lotion is enriched with rose oil has excellent properties of calamine, which makes it the best calamine lotion. It is formulated with elements like aloe vera, calamine, rose Oil, and light liquid paraffin to manage skin conditions like acne scars, itchiness, and other irritations, thereby giving a smooth and spot-free skin appearance. It is infused with a soft and mild fragrance of rose oil. The Parasoft cal lotion is free from parabens and hypoallergenic. The calamine in this best moisturizing lotion balances oil production in the skin, thus soothing it from skin conditions.

Acnethro Soap – is an Anti-Acne Soap. Acnethro Soap is formulated with Allantoin, Vitamin E Acetate, and Aloe-vera for managing skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, and blemishes. It helps provide a smooth skin appearance, maintain moisture beneath the pores. It prevents skin damage from UV rays and is ideal to be used for acne-prone skin.

The answer to your question- how to treat acne at home? Here is the solution. This effective acne-care combo kit is your good-to-go choice.


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