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Sun rays can affect the skin in varied ways. It can cause the skin to age, develop pigmentation, and get tan. But the harmful sun rays can spoil your hair and scalp health too! You must be worried now and would be willing to get through an effective yet natural product that will wonderfully manage all your problems. For this reason, you can handpick these best and natural carrier oils, also known as base oils. Shopythm has a comprehensive collection of pure and affordable carrier oils. Particularly for protection against the sun, these oils are an admirable pick of the bunch. The Palm Kernel Oil is 100% pure and natural, extracted from the cold-pressing technique. It is excellent to use for preventing sun damage to both skin and hair issues. If used regularly, it can strengthen and thicken the hair, soothes the scalp from itchiness & irritation, reduces hair fall, and moisturizes the area around hair follicles. Natural Palm Kernel Oil for skin- reduces signs of aging such as blemishes, wrinkles, and spots, leaving you with soft and clear skin. The Custard Apple Seed Oil properties- packed with skin and hair essential nutrients like Vitamin B5, C, A, zinc, and copper-reduce signs of aging and acne, making your skin look younger and more smooth. Custard Apple Seed Oil uses for hair-  it manages hair issues like reduces head lice, prevents hair breakage, and manages hair damage caused by sun rays, thereby encouraging healthy hair growth. You can handpick these undiluted and pure carrier oils at pocket-friendly prices. Go Grab It!

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