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How To Stop Hair Fall Problems By Using Essential Oils?


Hairfall is an issue that dooms plenty of people in their mid 20’s to older age. It can happen to anyone; sometimes, the problem can be genetic and other times, it can come from a lack of self-caring, which can happen as we are part of a busy life that constantly pushes us from one location to another. This makes so many people ask how to stop hair fall at home or reduce hair fall naturally.

If you are having any of the problems, then you are on the right side of the internet. This article will provide some of the most natural ways of how to reduce hair fall at home without ingesting any chemicals in your body. Here we are going to depend on essential oils for hair loss. Natural essential oils are known for their rich benefits and multiple properties; essential oils are usually extracted from the technique known as steam distillation. You will not find any sort of chemicals or additives added to the mix for a better effect. This is what Shoprythm is famous for delivering high-quality, premium-grade, having pure and undiluted essential and carrier oils. Essential oil, being pure and natural, come up with effective results.

Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Here we are going to see the list of important essential oils that are well-known for their hair care regimen and to solve hair woes. Along with the hair care properties, the essential oils are also enriched with the goodness of other advantages that deal with skin conditions (including skin’s itchiness/ irritation/ acne issues, and so), used in aromatherapy, strengthening the nails. Let’s see the facts and figures of how essential oils can benefit our hair.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Studies have shown Rosemary to carry antioxidant properties that bring numerous benefits to the skin. This essential oil has been used for solving dandruff problems and lowering aging appear on the skin. Rosemary can also be used on thicker hair and thin hair. It follows a process where it dilates the blood vessels and promotes cell proliferation. The antioxidant feature of Rosemary is a well-known medical fact that helps with many hair problems on the scalp. Rosemary essential oil has always remained one of the preferable options for a long to be chosen by the people who have hair fall issues. It stimulates new hair growth and reduces hair loss. How to reduce hair fall at home using Rosemary for your hair health? What you have to do is to mix this oil with a carrier oil (Jojoba or Sweet Almond oil) and use it before going to bed. Make sure you take more carrier oil and add few drops (3-4) of Rosemary.

Peppermint Essential oil

Incredible benefits of peppermint essential oil are known in every part of the world. This essential oil promotes hair growth because of the blood flow and circulation it does through oil. The ingredient also carries a method, which will act as a vasodilator that promotes blood flow and circulation in the target area. Decreasing blood flow tends to create plenty of problems (especially weaken of hair roots). Since it is a vasodilator, it improves blood flow to hair follicles. Peppermint essential oil also provides all the necessary help to slow down hair loss on the scalp. Peppermint oil also has pain-relieving properties – it eases the pain of joints, headache, muscle aches. It may help with skin conditions (including skin dryness or scaly skin). How to reduce hair fall at home using Peppermint oil? Simply add carrier oil (Sweet almond would be best) with Peppermint. Make sure you take more quantity of carrier oil and less of essential oil.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

How to stop hair fall at home using Cedarwood essential oil? This essential oil is known for numerous reasons as it works well on skin, hair and is used in aromatherapy. It has a sound effect on the balding areas of the scalp. The oil is considered a preventive approach to prevent future hair loss and thinning problems, which often come with time. The oil is also known to balance the oil-producing glands in the scalp. It is also known to carry antifungal properties, lowering the dryness and dandruff in the scalp. Optimal scalp health must be treated as an important part of hair health. Cedarwood has excellent properties in taking care of your hair and scalp, so it does a terrific job preventing hair fall and boosting the scalp's health.

Lavender Essential oil

Distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, this oil is capable of setting up a relaxed mood. The antimicrobial properties promote a clearer scalp, which further leads to hair growth. Just like peppermint oil, Lavender is also known to show positive signs of hair growth. It is also used as an anti-aging process. So if you are having any problems with your skin, you can use it to fix it. But make sure to follow the guidelines before you do it. Lavender oil is one of the perfect answers to “how to stop hair fall at home” this question.

Bergamot Essential oil

It is a commonly used microbial essential oil in products that help with making the scalp healthy. Bergamot oil helps to promote hair growth and makes your hair healthy. It promotes healthier scalp and hair growth. The anti-inflammatory protein will contribute a lot to hair loss. Another fun fact about this ingredient is that it smells delicious.

Thyme Essential oil

If one of the problems behind hair loss that you are facing is thin hair, then Thyme essential oil is all you need to strengthen hair follicles and hair growth. It is often used in the treatment of hair loss. The studies are plenty about this ingredient and its benefits on the scalp. One thing that many people are not aware of is that Thyme is also used in alopecia areata patients.There we have reached the bottom of the information provided on how to stop hair fall at home. Hope the above essential oils details would be beneficial to your hair control. While all of them are safe to use and carry little to no side effects. Make sure to dilute this essential oil with the carrier oil before you apply it to the skin. Always dilute the oil before using it.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang oil is the option for you if you have a dry scalp. A dry scalp leads to excess hair damage. As you start applying Ylang Ylang oil to your scalp, you reduce the chances of suffering from fungal infections. This hair growth oil also reduces dandruff and removes excess dirt and dust from your hair. To reduce hair breakage, what you have to do is to mix three to four drops of Ylang Ylang with two tablespoons of Jojoba oil (or any other carrier oil such as sweet almond, coconut, etc.). It is an effective natural way to manage hair fall problems; it also balances the oil secretions in the scalp and hence stables the wet and oily sensation. It also stimulates hair growth, nourishes the hair and scalp, and makes hair strong and lustrous.

Take Home a Message

The booming of essential oil in recent years is not a worry, and it has helped many people to get back their natural self. Problems come with aging, and it will make changes to our appearance and our body system. It is better to go for natural products instead of chemical-based skincare or hair care items. If you take care of yourself using essential oils, you might not get hit with any disaster in the future. Taking care of skin and hair is one of the things that should be on the preliminary list. Another thing that you should never do is applying the oil directly to your skin or head. You can use essential oils to keep your hair healthy and strong. Read all the ingredients and the brand; never settle with a brand that promises much more than it can deliver.

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