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Things that you need to know about Topical Aromatherapy - Shoprythm

Things that you need to know about Topical Aromatherapy


Where to apply Essential Oils?

You must have known about the usage of EOs for massage purposes that means one can apply these oils throughout the body. Apart from the massage, also Aromatherapy topical application is used for:

Have you ever considered making Essential Oils your best friend? Weird – No Not at All! Touchwood, we are born in the era where these natural oils exist and are known for its n number of benefits. Even five thousand words would be less showing the benefits of Eos (essential oils). While Eos are best used with a diffuse to be breathed in or inhaled through the nasal passages, topical application is also an effective way to use them. Topical aromatherapy using essential oils is highly preferred in the skincare, hair care, and cosmetic industries.

This article is all about giving important information about how you can use essential oils topically. Topical application of Aromatherapy essential oils requires the dilution technique first and allows it to target specific concerns and work faster.

Guide to Topical Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Do not forget to dilute Essential Oils

Eos are potent due to their 100% pure and concentrated nature that can develop skin irritation or may cause reactions to the sensitive skin. To avoid this possibility aromatherapy topical application essential oils should always be diluted. Diluting these Eos reduce their potency, which further allows the skin to absorb it better as well. But that doesn’t mean oils will reduce their efficacy – it won’t.

Carrier oils are mixed with Eos for dilution. Why carrier oils? Carrier oils are also known as Base oils and are gentler to the skin. These oils facilitate the absorption of Eos into the skin. Common carrier oils that you can go ahead with for dilution – Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Grape seed oil, etc.

How to dilute Essential Oils?

And there comes the most important rule to dilute EOs with carrier oils - How to use aromatherapy essential oils There are some newbies using aromatherapy topical applications who are not aware much about the dilution strategy.

To dilute EOs, you need only one thing, and that is – Carrier oil. However, you require to follow the correct dilution ratios

                 10ml Carrier Oil 15ml Carrier Oil 20ml Carrier Oil
0.5% - kids (6 to 10 years) 1 drop 2 drop 3 drop
1% - 11 to 15 years drop 4 drop 6 drop
2% - for older kids 6 drop 9 drop 12 drop
3% to 5% - adults 9 drop 13 drop 18 drop
4% - for older kids 12 drop 18 drop 24 dro
5% to 5% - adults 15 drop 22 drop 30 drop

Do you know,

How to use essential oils on the skin?

Never use Citrus-related essential oils directly on your skin. These are active oils and have photosensitivity properties that further activate under the sunlight. Photosensitivity makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight; hence, avoid stepping under the sunlight after applying these oils topically. Due to this, citrus essential oils (such as lemon, bergamot, Tangerine, Orange, etc.) are always recommended to dilute first if you use it as topical aromatherapy application

Where to apply Essential Oils?

You must have known about the usage of EOs for massage purposes that means one can apply these oils throughout the body. Apart from the massage, also Aromatherapy topical application is used for:

  • Face – for skincare
  • Hair – for scalp health
  • Chest – for respiratory health
  • Foot massage
  • Uplift the mood
  • Forehead – eases Headache

New to the Essential Oils?

That’s really fine if you are new to the essential oils; after all, we get our hands on any particular thing once we try that thing, so that’s good news that you have forwarded one step ahead for the essential oils.

If it is your first time using Aromatherapy topically it is suggested to do a skin patch test first. To do a patch test, apply a drop of essential oil onto your hand, and leave it for at least 48 hours. If there is no side reaction occurs, there you go; you can use these essential oils for topical aromatherapy application with no worries.

Thing to Remember

Few points to be remembered while using topical aromatherapy essential oils

  • Don't put on essential oils directly to your skin. Always use a base or carrier oil to dilute EOs.
  • If you are new to EO, make sure you do a skin patch test before using Aromatherapy topical application.
  • Since citrus EOs may make the skin sensitive to the sun, these oils should be avoided if exposed to sunlight, or even if you apply, do not go straightaway under the sun.

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Questions in your mind? Drop it right now, as we are here to provide you with proper guidance about topical aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy benefits for skincare haircare. You can also check the list of essential oils and their uses.

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