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Women's Haircare Tips & Tricks - Shoprythm

Women's Haircare Tips & Tricks


Finding the perfect hair care routine can be tricky. Everyone's hair is different, and as such, it needs to be treated differently as well. But that doesn’t mean that you need to throw everything out the window, either. A little research and some tweaking can go a long way in making sure that your hair ends up looking its best. Keep reading to learn about the right way to care for your hair and get the most out of your efforts.

Don’t Shampoo Every Morning

Shampooing your hair every morning is a great way to end up with an oily scalp. Your hair follicles are clogged up with product residue and oils that are trapped inside of them. If you need to wash your hair, do it thoroughly once a week or so and then wait a full 48 hours before washing again. You should also try using natural shampoos and conditioners so that you can minimize the risk of allergic reactions and build-up. When it comes to styling your hair, it’s best to wait a few hours after washing it before you get to work on it. This will allow the conditioner in your strands to have a few hours to thoroughly penetrate before being worked on again. If you like to style your hair pretty quickly, you should probably go ahead and do it anyway. It’s best to wait until your hair has had a few hours to dry before you start working on it. Use the best anti hairfall shampoo that will help to reduce hair loss.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

All you do with regularly washing your hair is strip your strands of their natural oils. This causes your strands to end up looking dull and lifeless. So instead, you should strive to wash your hair only when it absolutely must be done. Typically, this is once every two days. You can follow this rule by thoroughly cleaning your scalp while your locks are still wet. This allows you to get rid of all of the build-up and dirt on your scalp, as well as all of the product on your strands before you wash them. So if your hair is clean, you should wait a full 48 hours before you wash it again. If you’re in a rush, you can go ahead and take a quick shower the morning of your wash to get the soap off your locks. However, you shouldn’t wash your hair again until then.

Always Air Dry Your Hair

When you air-dry your hair, you’re giving it the chance to breathe. This allows your strands to become more flexible and stronger, and it also helps to prevent breakage. If you don’t have an air dryer, you can try using a towel that’s been sitting in direct sunlight. This has the same effect without consuming too much of your electricity. To get the best results, comb your hair thoroughly after it’s been air-dried and then allow it to air-dry while you do other things. This will help to untangle your strands and make sure that there are no knots or tangles in your tress.

Don’t Color Your Hair Every Month

There’s a lot of talk about coloring your hair every six to eight weeks. While this is a good rule of thumb, it doesn’t have to be followed to the letter. It’s actually better if you wait a full four months before touching up your tresses. This gives your strands plenty of time to grow out and for new growth to begin coming in underneath them. If you need to color your locks, you can try using just a little bit of henna or natural red hair dye. This will allow you to color your hair without stripping it of all of its natural oils, and it can be used again once the four-month mark has passed.

Don’t Brush Your Hair Every Time

Brushing your hair every day can easily end up with a tangled mess. This is because your strands are constantly being stressed. So instead of brushing your hair, you should try using a wide-tooth comb or a comb that has been specially designed to untangle knots. You should also consider using a deep-conditioning treatment once a month. This will help to strengthen your strands, prevent breakage, and protect your tresses from damage

Massage you Hair With Essential Oils

Take 2-3 drops of the desired essential oil and blend it well with a carrier oil of your choice such as Coconut oil, Almond oil , or Sesame oil. Mix the essential oil with a carrier oil (like jojoba oil, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil)

Many essential oils show promise for promoting hair growth, including peppermint essential oil, bergamot essential oil and jojoba carrier oil. If you are looking to nourish your hair, then there's nothing better than a scalp massage


If you’re looking for the perfect hair care routine, you’ve come to the right place. This article has provided you with all of the information that you’ll need to get the most out of your efforts. Keep reading to learn more about each tip and trick and make sure that you don’t miss out!

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