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mixing essential oils with carrier oil for skin

How to Mix Essential Oils with Carrier Oils for Skin?


 Mix Essential Oils With Carrier Oils for Skin

Read n number of benefits about essential oils in your google search, seen several reviews on the e-commerce sites, and got a recommendation from your closest friends, so hey there, congrats moving a step closer towards the holistic lifestyle. Yes, you are going right!

Well, this is the first question that comes to our mind while we buy essential oils for topical usage – How to get effective results using the essential oils. Isn’t it?

Drop your worries if you are new to essential oils and thinking of buying or even bought it for your usage; this article will let you know how you can use essential oil with a carrier oil for skin.

Beauty is in the skin, so your skin needs a gentle touch by you regularly – it would be best if you stick to natural products and keep yourself away from chemical-based products. Let’s know what essential oils are? Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and comprise numerous benefits for skin, hair, nail, aromatherapy, etc. These are natural oils that get extracted from the plant’s parts and are distilled into potent liquids. Since these oils are strong on their own, they are always recommended to dilute with the carrier oil.

And here the question comes which carrier oil is suitable for the skin while applying essential oils. Isn’t it? This article will let you know about the whole information of how you can dilute the essential oil with the carrier oil.

Let’s begin the first topic

How can you Choose the Suitable Carrier & Essential Oil?

It is a bit challenging to find that one product that is authentic and genuine amid so many brands and its ranges; Right? We know it would be! Hand-picking the apt essential and carrier oil is something where you have to put your efforts like net surfing, maybe your friend is using any of the essential and carrier oil – you can get a good idea from there too; one can check the ratings of these oils too in search result.

Shoprythm is one of the leading and foremost e-commerce sites providing natural essential and best carrier oils across the globe. Natural essential oil depicts no adulteration or any chemicals added in the oil; the same goes with the carrier oils. You need to keep an eagle’s eyes on the bottle’s specification before purchasing from any store, whether online or offline– make sure you check the description and authenticity of the oil properly. Usually, these oils are found in aromatherapy supplies. This was about choosing wisely essential and carrier oils; let’s learn which carrier oil you can select for dilution.

Which Carrier Oil is Best for Dilution with Essential Oils

Our skin is either normal, oily, dry, or sensitive. And Essential oil, being potent, always suggested diluting well with a carrier oil to avoid any sensitivity on the skin. Even if you have healthy skin, applying essential oil directly on the skin is not advisable.

Few carrier oils are best chosen for skin (for the dilution with essential oil), like olive oil or sweet almond oil. These two carrier oils have a minimal scent and are appropriate for all types of skin.

One can also choose Avocado, Jojoba, or primrose oil. These three oils are best for normal skin, and if you experience any issues concerned with the skin, you can use any of the oils. Why avocado oil?

Avocado oil is enriched with amino acids and has a soothing effect on your skin. Hence avocado soothes skin irritation, itchiness and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Primrose carrier oil is rich in nutrients that make the skin healthy and shiny. This oil can be added as a carrier oil for dilution with the essential oil.

Some best carrier oils to dilute with the essential oil for skin

These oils are suitable for your skin and best for dilution

How to Dilute Essential Oil with Carrier Oil?

Since these oils are also used for massage purposes for adults (to ease stiffness, reduce pain, etc.), the dilution percentage varies based on the application approach.

If you are using carrier oils for dilution technique for skin, the mixture of essential oils should not go beyond 2%. It is suggested to try initially from 1% dilution. A mixture comprising 1% essential oil and 99% carrier oil is an entirely safe standard. For children, you can see our blog section in

For massage purposes, you can keep 2.5- 6% dilution. If you are thinking about the best carrier oil for massage, you can hand-pick coconut oil – it makes a great carrier oil for massage.

A Word From Shoprythm

We provide all the essential oils pure and undiluted; therefore, it requires care and sufficient knowledge about essential oils while using them for the skin. Some safety tips that you need to keep in mind before you make essential oils your best friend.

These are some must-know tips that you require to follow –

  • Don't overuse essential oils.
  • Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin
  • You can also perform a patch test on your inner forearm
  • Never apply essential oil closer to the eyes area
  • Keep essential oils out of reach from children and pets
  • Essential oils are not meant for ingestion
  • Do not use these oils as a treatment for your skin issues
  • Avoid using essential oils if the woman is pregnant

Hope you have gained sufficient information on choosing and diluting the essential oils with a carrier oil for the skin. Keep an eye on the above-specified references for dilution based on the person and application while you begin using essential oils. If you are keen to know more about essential and carrier oil or want to buy any of them, you can message us via what’s an app; we would be pleased to help you with the appropriate information.

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