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The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin in Winters

The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin in Winters

Winter may be everyone’s favorite season, as you can get rid of summer heat. It is a season to celebrate the holidays and spend time with families. But when it comes to a skincare routine, you must be prepared. One of the most common skin problems faced during winter is skin dryness, and one does not know which is the best moisturizer for dry skin in winter.

Dryness has always been one of the prevalent skin issues people face, especially during the winter. But no worries, we can manage skin dryness by choosing the correct moisturizer for dry skin. Skin dryness can lead to issues like wrinkles, aging, spots, peeling, itching, etc.

So, always choose and apply the right cream for dry skin issues in winter. The market has a wide variety of winter creams, and all of their products promise to give you the best results. So, always choose and apply the right cream for dry skin issues in winter. Your skin needs the right nutrition and moisturizer, so understanding the skincare products will be a better decision. 

Here are a few expert tips for choosing the best moisturizer for your skin during winter.

What are the Reasons for Having Dry Skin?

People with dry skin face many skin problems and want to know the reason for dry skin. There are various reasons for having dry skin. It can be genetics or any of the reasons mentioned below:

Frequent Hot Showers

Taking showers or baths in hot water dehydrates the skin. Frequently showering in hot water removes natural skin oils and worsens skin health. Due to this, your skin becomes dry, cracked, and rough.

Hence, doctors suggest avoiding frequent hot showers and baths to protect the skin barrier that hot water carries away, causing damage.

Deodrants or Perfumes

People use varieties of perfumes and deodorants on their skin for sweet fragrances. The sweet scent we all want causes damage to our skin. But have you ever thought about its side effects?

Some ingredients in the perfumes make skin dry and cause rashes. If your skin is sensitive, you must not use too much perfume. It is one of the reasons for skin dehydration.


Changing weather conditions damage your skin. Due to the less humidity in the air during winter, our skin gets dry and becomes prone to allergies, rashes, and irritation.

Hence, choosing the best moisturizer for the skin and hydrating the skin is necessary to prevent rashes and irritation.

Harsh Soaps

Using harsh soaps or shower gels on the skin can be harmful. They dry up the skin, cause irritation, and expropriate skin moisture. Thus, you should search for gentle soaps on the skin that do not dehydrate the skin.

How To Choose The Best Dry Skin Moisturizer?

Countless brands and products are available, and people do not know how to choose the best dry skin moisturizer. Hence, we will discuss how you can buy good lotion or cream for dry skin without much worry.

Every moisturizer has unique ingredients, fragrances, and properties. To treat dry skin problems, one must look for the following ingredients in a moisturizer.


An emollient helps fill the skin's cracks and patches. It makes the skin soft and smooth. Therefore, when choosing a dry skin moisturizer, one must check if it includes an emollient.

The ingredients which work as emollients in a dry skin moisturizer are

  1. Mineral Oil
  2. Palm Oil
  3. Jojoba Oil
  4. Virgin Coconut Oil
  5. Shea Butter


A Humectant help to lock the moisture from the environment in the skin. During winter or dry season, humectants pull out the moisture from the deep skin layers and take care of the outer epiderm. If you have dry skin problems, choosing a cream or moisturizer with high humectants will be your best option.

Ingredients that are considered in the category of good humectants are

  1. Urea
  2. Propylene Gel
  3. Lactic Acid
  4. Sorbitol
  5. Glycerin


Occlusive helps to prevent your skin from dehydration. They work to lock moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated for a longer time. Occlusives pair with humectants and give the best results to remove dryness.

Some of the best occlusives for dry skin are

  1. Petrolatum
  2. Dimethicone
  3. Lanolin

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential ingredient in dry skin moisturizers. It improves moisture and hydrates the skin. It helps minimize flaky skin and dryness. Hence, one must choose a cream that contains Vitamin E.


SPF guards the skin against harmful UV rays and prevents rashes, redness, and itchiness. With the shield of SPF, the moisture from the skin will not dry up immediately when you go outside. Thus, one should get a good skin moisturizer with SPF for the best skin protection.

Benefits of Moisturizer for Your Dry and Flaky Skin

Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin during the winter season? When compared to summer, your skin has a high tendency to become dry and dull-looking during winter. As the temperature is cold outside, your body’s pores shrink, and the heat accumulates inside the skin. It is the most common reason your skin leads to dryness, rashes, and other skin condition.

In winter, moisturizing or applying cream for dry skin is one of the most important skincare routines to combat dryness. Here are the benefits of moisturizer in winter;

  • Soothes and smoothens the skin
  • Helps to improve the skin texture and appearance
  • Results in luminous glowing skin
  • Protects your skin from the harsh environmental factors
  • It prevents the skin from getting dry and itchy

What are the Other Effective Tips For Winter Skin Care?

Having dry skin can irritate and dull your skin. Due to changing weather conditions and skin type, our skin becomes dehydrated and itchy. Hence, it is necessary to provide complete hydration to the skin.

There are various tips to prevent dry skin in winter and keep you moist all day. Some easy steps to prevent dry and flaky skin in winter are - 

1- Stay hydrated 

Even though we don’t sweat much in winter, but still need to keep our bodies hydrated which is the most important thing. Moisturizing the inner part of the skin also matters the most, and this can be achieved by drinking plenty of water. Many experts from dermatologists put forward the statement; if you reduce the intake of water, it will impact your skin hydration. So, how’s your water drinking going?

2- Good eating habits 

Diet also plays an important role in maintaining the moisturizing content of your body during winter. Include food that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and avoid processed food and sugar. It will make your skin healthy, and also you will look and feel good.

3- Avoid taking hot showers 

You can always consider lukewarm water (rather than bathing with hot water), which preserves a little bit of your moisture content. We always love to stay warm in the winter, but the hot water will strip the oil content from your skin, resulting in skin drying, flaking, and cracking. Extreme dry skin may develop into serious skin conditions, so it is better to go for a shower with lukewarm.

4- Exfoliate Skin regularly 

There is a myth where people believe that exfoliating skin during the winter will make the skin drier. If you have dry and dead cells, it will block moisture from getting to your skin. So, exfoliating your skin will remove the dead cells and nourish and polish the skin.

Other Products for Winter Dry Skin

Parasoft Cal Body Lotion – Goodness of Calamine and Rose Oil:

The Parasoft body lotion is enriched with Aloe Vera, rose oil, and liquid paraffin, providing a soothing and cooling sensation. This is one of the best calamine lotions rich in nourishing and protection properties. This cream for dry skin helps reduce skin conditions, including – flakiness, dryness, itchiness, and rashness. It results in a shinier, spot-free look and healthier skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin, so a perfect product for your skin during winter. Just apply a generous amount of cream to your face and body parts. If you want, you can reapply when needed to enhance skin relief

Salve Parasoft Emollient Lotion:

Salve Parasoft Emollient Lotion: This Parasoft moisturizer for dry skin comes with a quick-absorbent formula, which is very effective. If you are looking for a deeply nourishing cream, this emollient lotion will help you. It will provide a healthy and radiant glow to your skin, and even it can be used as curative bath oil

This lotion is made of a combination of many essential oils, which will enhance the additional nourishment to the skin. This will act as an excellent moisturizer and result in silk, smooth, and hydrated skin. Also, it will add a protective layer to your skin, by protecting your skin from external damage

Bottom Line

Various moisturizers for dry skin are available in the market. But Shoprythm has one of the best skin care products free from chemicals. Our products are made from natural ingredients and pure oils, which provide deep care and nourishment to your skin during winter.

Give the best care to your skin in every season by choosing good-quality products. You must choose the best moisturizer for your skin and give it the best possible care. Make your skin bright, radiant, and glowing in every season.

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