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 best essential oil for glowing skin in india

Best Essential Oils for Glowing Skin

Essential Oils – Beauty Basics for Glowing Skin

Do you know, Essential Oils for Glowing Skin?

We have heard this caption – Body is Temple, and so, we are required to take care of it. And Skin is the largest organ of the body and is often care quite seriously by most of us. The irony is spending more money on it gives us the feeling of it being treated seriously. In this blog, you will get to know skincare doesn’t ask for expensive products. Skincare is a pervasive and lucrative stream for companies with many fancy and luxurious products in the market out there. But that won’t solve the purpose in the long run because each of them, today or tomorrow, will fraught your skin with some serious unwanted repercussions.

So many products out there, hundreds of chemicals, instant results, but have you imagined, if you stop using these products, the actual shine of your skin goes away because results from such expensive products don’t go far off. Natural ingredients are natural and remain for a long time on the face and body.

In this blog, you will get to know the simple secrets to have flawless skin. Yes, we are talking about natural essential oils for Glowing skin. Essential oils are perfect for your skin if you make these oils for perfect use. Perfect use means – to use essential oils for your face to have a natural glow, requires a diligent search, like which oil is good for the face, which oil is perfect for your skin type, and so on. We are here to provide you an informative guide to have glowing skin using essential oils.

Want Glowing Skin Using Essential Oils?

Understanding the skin will help you find out the best oil for glowing skin. To understand natural skincare, one must understand that it can only be obtained from our Mother Nature-derived pure essential oils. Essential oils help us nourish our skin in many ways - the outstanding penetrative properties of essential oils make them excellent moisturizers. Essential oils for skin can be used as a daily skin-care regimen and treat skin-related problems such as acne, eczema, fungal infection, etc.

There is always the right oil for the right skin condition – Owing to the oils' comprehensiveness, you can choose the right oils for your skin type and use them to make your DIY cleansers, toners, facial masks, and moisturizing facial oils. Remember that skin types can vary: skin may be drier in winter or more prone to oiliness around the time of your period, and it can change several times basis changes in hormonal level. So review the oils you use to suit your skin now and vary them to meet your changing complexion.

Different types of Essential Oils for Different Types of Skins

Best Essential Oils for Normal Skin:

Chamomile Oil (good for Dry & Sensitive), Fennel  Oil (good for Oily skin), Geranium  Oil (suits All skin types), Lavender  Oil (suits All skin types), Lemon Oil (good for Oily skin), Patchouli Oil (suitable for dry skin), Rose Oil (good for Dry & Sensitive) and Sandalwood Oil (good for Dry & Sensitive).

Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin:

Chamomile oil, Geranium oil, Hyssop Oil , Lavender Oil, Patchouli Oil, Rose Oil, Vanilla Oil, Sage oil, Frankincense essential oil, Rose Oil, Helichrysum oil, Ylang-Ylang Oil, and Sandalwood oil

Best Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin: 

Chamomile oil, Lavender oil, Neroli oil, Rose oil, Sandalwood oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemongrass Oil &  Peppermint Essential Oil are amongst top 5 oils for glowing skin.

How to use Essential Oils on the Skin?

Apart from its Glowing Skin Property, these Essential Oils can be used:

  • As Cleansers – Essential oils can be used as cleansers, you just have to choose the correct one for your skin type and mix them in with your daily cleanser, liquid soap, or tissue-off lotion/ cream, and wait for it to do nature’s work of rebalancing the skin. Cleanse the face, paying particular attention to the oily areas.
  • As Facial steam – add 5 drops of chamomile for soothing steam or try Lavender, Peppermint, thyme, or rosemary to stimulate; or use comfrey or fennel for their healing properties. For facial steam, boil the water, cool slightly, and add the oils; steam for 5 minutes.
  • As Toners – Essential oils are the gentlest way of toning up. Rosewater for normal or dry/ sensitive skin or witch-hazel for oilier skins is ideal for fresheners. These can be applied with cotton wool or, for a more refreshing tone, sprayed onto the face. Herbal tea infusions are also ideal toners. Boil a cup of water and infuse chamomile, marigold, rosehip, or nettle teas (you can use herbal tea bags if you can’t get hold of the herbs), add 2 drops of orange or lavender oil, and leave to cool. Oily skin benefits from juniper or lemongrass oil, whereas drier skins would appreciate rose or sandalwood.
  • Facial oils – well-moisturized skin is soft and supple, reflects a healthy flow, and ages less quickly. Younger skin only needs light conditioning, whereas older skin needs specific nourishing treatments. Most moisturizers soothe and sit on the skin's surface, but essential oil, with their fine molecular structure, work their way through from the surface to the inner dermis (the skin’s deeper regenerating layer). Mixed with the correct amount of base oil, these pure essentials do not clog up pores on lubrication: they are light enough to be absorbed spontaneously by the skin.
  • Facial masks – both clay and oatmeal are ideal ingredients for any face mask. Natural powdered clay is fuller’s earth, which can be mixed into a paste with hot water. Cool, and then add yogurt for a smoother consistency. Similarly, finely ground oatmeal can be mixed into a paste and left to cool. Add 15 drops of essential oils to suit your skin type per cupful of paste. Smooth onto your face, leave to dry slightly, and then sponge off. For particularly dry/ sensitive skins, add 15ml (1 tbsp.) evening primrose base oil to give a more moisturizing mask. When applying, avoid the eye area.
  • Eye treats – while relaxing with a face mask on, close the eyes and cover the cotton pads soaked in rose water, or soothe with 2 slices of fresh cucumber.

Use of Essential Oils for Common Skin Problems

  • Acne – because of its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and rebalancing properties, essential oils are ideal skin treatments for acne sufferers. It is often a mistake to scrub oily skin over-zealously: this only activates the sebaceous glands, producing more sebum. If you suffer from pustular acne, then avoid excessive facial steams which may spread the condition: use a mask instead. Often it is better to opt for a daily sensitive-skin type cleanser and moisturizer, adding 2 drops of juniper, which is stimulating and antiseptic. Opt. for a deeper clay-type mask treatment once a week, adding a couple of drops of juniper, healing, soothing, tightening, or eucalyptus, which is anti-inflammatory antiseptic and anti-biotic. Increase your intake of vitamin E, which is a great skin healer. Other ideal oils for acne are Bergamot, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, and Sandalwood oil.
  • Broken veins – these small, red, spider-like thread veins often appear on the skin's surface around the cheek area. They are broken capillaries and seem to affect those with a delicate or fragile skin type. Hot and cold elements, along with stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine, can often trigger this condition. To treat it at home, the secret is to protect the skin from losing excess moisture. Give it extra essential oil treatments using parsley, geranium, chamomile, rosemary, or cypress in a heavy base oil.
  • Cold sores – cold sores are small blisters on the lips or surrounding area caused by the virus herpes simplex. Any lip sore that persists should be treated a bit medically for the common cold sore a dab of undiluted tea tree oil will help.
  • Odd spots – if prone to occasional spots, then mix 1 drop each of Neroli oil, lemon oil, and lavender oil in 5ml (1 tsp.) of base oil and treat just the affected area. For a single spot, use a cotton bud and dab on 1 drop of undiluted sandalwood oil.
  • Warts - Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Peppermint oil and Tea tree oil
  • Eczema: Cedarwood oil, Chamomile oil, Comfrey oil, Cypress oil, Geranium oil, Hyssop oil, Jasmine oil, Juniper oil, Myrrh oil, Patchouli oil and Sandalwood oil.
  • Athlete’s foot (fungal infection of foot): Comfrey oil, Lavender oil, Lemongrass oil, Patchouli oil and Tea tree oil.

How to Mix Essential Oils for Skin?

Massage helps the skin to absorb oils and creams easily. Give skin a clear start with our step-by-step facial process.

How to Use Essential Oils on Skin?

  • Step 1.  Pour a small amount of the blended oil into the palm of your hand and gently apply it all over the face, avoiding your eyes.
  • Step 2.  With the backs of your hands, gently tap the skin around the jawline and underneath the chin to stimulate the skin cells.
  • Step 3.  Apply small circular movements to the chin area using your thumbs; this will tine, help circulation and eliminate toxins.
  • Step 4.  Make an ‘oooh’ shaped mouth. Massage either side easing out fine lines.
  • Step 5.  With your fingertips, press along the top of the cheekbones and massage outward up to the temples to release toxins.
  • Step 6.  With the middle fingers, apply pressure to points above the bridge of the nose and underneath the eyebrows. Hold for 5 seconds and smooth across from the inner to the outer corners of the eyebrows, and continue up to the temples.
  • Step 7.  To relieve tension, apply firm pressure at either side of the temples, and rotate backward.
  • Step 8.  Stroke up the forehead to the hairline with the palms of the hands, smoothing out fine lines.

Using these steps, we can use these essential oils to combine the best essential oils for face serum.


Never forget to feed your skin with a proper and healthy diet- Skin needs to be fed and nourished inside and out. A healthy diet can keep the body in shape, but to keep skin in peak condition, it needs to have a ready supply of valuable vitamins and minerals. Many factors can drain the body of this valuable resource- canned and over-processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sunlight, central heating, carbon monoxide, and habitual drug-taking. The effects of these can build up and attack the skin, so from time to time, you need to give it a break.

A one-day fruit and vegetable diet is an excellent regime to adopt once a month to cleanse your body and give a boost to your system. Essential oils can be used daily to nourish the skin. Use a 1 percent blend of essential oil to a carrier oil for the face and a 3 percent blend for the body for an effective treatment. Since skin is the largest organ of the body, take care of it in a larger manner. Apart from the benefits of essential oils on the skin and best essential oil for skin tightening there are more benefits of essential oils on the hair, such as these essential oils can reduce hair fall.

A Tip for you before you apply essential oil – Essential oils are strong oils and should not be applied directly to the head or skin. Always mix them with a base oil or carrier oil before application. Never mix more than three oils in any one treatment as synergistic effects are less predictable. In pregnancy, it is best to avoid some oils like Basil oil, bay oil, clary sage oil, fennel oil, juniper oil, marjoram oil, Melissa oil, Myrrh oil, Peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, Sage oil, and Thyme oil.

Now you have seen the best oils for glowing skin. If you have more queries, then Feel free to give you feedback at the bottom.

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Mr. Ajay Kakar is an expert in dermatology with extensive experience. His expertise lies in the realm of essential oils and carrier oils, and he understands how these natural oils can work wonders for our skin and body. With a forward-thinking mindset, he has been a pioneer in introducing groundbreaking skincare products. Mr. Kakar is a dedicated entrepreneur who believes in the importance of focus, vision, strategy, development, innovation, and top-notch quality. His commitment to improving skincare through innovation is truly remarkable.

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