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essential oils for hair growth and thickness

How to Mix Essential Oils for Hair Growth?

Essential oils are one of the most effective ways to treat your hair. Learn how to use them to keep your locks healthy and shiny!

So, thinking to stick on Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth? Looks you have great taste! Essential oils are the perfect choice for your skin and hair care. Not only this, essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy, perfumery, cosmetics, etc.

You might be wondering how these Eos (essential oils) hold multiple benefits – Indeed, it works. Essential oils are compounds derived from the plants; more than 90 EOs comprise a unique smell and benefits.

The benefits of some essential oils have similar properties; for example –lavender oil is one of 5 oils for hair growth that promotes hair health (among other plusses) in chorus; Peppermint oil also is known for hair improvement. At the same time, many essential oils solve specific skin or hair conditions, like Babchi oil solves and manages Vitiligo condition. However, some of the rewarding points of EOs are yet to be proven by the studies and are controversial.

This article explains all you need to know about how to mix essential oils for hair growth.

Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth – 5 Oils For Hair Growth

Curious to know how essential oils are used for hair? Before we dive into the chapter and verse of how to use EOs for hair and scalp, let’s get acquainted with some of the Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth shall we?

5 Oils for Hair Growth

Based on several studies, we have come up with the five Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth that could promote hair health, give a shiner, healthier look, and naturally add silky texture. These EOs are

Apart from these 5 oils for hair growth, more essential oils are known for hair improvement, such as Clary Sage oil, Tea Tree, Thyme, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, etc.

Lavender oil for hair growth and Rosemary oil has been recognized as the best essential oils to speed up hair growth and manage hair thinning. Let’s read an elaborated view of how you can mix the Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth with a carrier oil for hair improvement.

Mixing Essential Oils With Carrier Oils For Hair Growth 

Let’s learn how you can mixBest Essential Oil for Hair Growthusing suitable carrier oils

It comprises antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that turn to enhance hair health. It soothes the itchy and scaly scalp. A 2011 investigation found that this oil could also reduce and prevent head lice or kill head lice. And based on a 2016 study, when experimented with this oil in mice, it made them grow more hair. Their hair also grew faster than normal furthermore thicker.

How you can use lavender oil for hair growth – No rocket science! You need to transfer two to three drops of lavender oil to your usual shampoo (you will get a sooner result if the shampoo is natural with no chemical ingredients/ color). You can use our Hairvital Shampoo – a triple-action formula-based shampoo that cleanses, conditions, and revitalizes hair. Lavender oil for hair growth can be mixed into your carrier oil (Jojoba oil or Sweet almond oil) for massage. You can either apply this blend on alternate days or twice a week onto your scalp at night.

Rosemary oil promotes hair thickness and strengthens hair roots, promoting hair growth. Rosemary oil can be your all-time favourite essential oil for hair health as it also improves cellular generation.

How to use Rosemary oil for hair growth? Like the way we have done with lavender, the same goes with this oil too. Mix two to three drops of Rosemary oil into your favorite carrier oil, apply it at night, and rinse off your hair the following day using a gentle shampoo. Or you can keep this mixture on your scalp for four to five hours and wash it off– which you can do on your holidays having a peaceful day at your home. Do this twice per week for the best result. You also can add four to five drops of this oil into your shampoo to have sooner results.

This oil has been in the trend of most picky EOs; guess why? Primarily because of its main constituent – Menthol. Due to menthol, it causes a tingling sensation that lets you set so calm and relaxed. One of the studies has shown that this oil on mice increased the number of follicles and overall hair growth when used.

How to use Peppermint oil for hair growth? Mix two to three drops of this oil with your favorite carrier oil. Using your fingertips, massage this blend onto your scalp, and keep it for an hour or two – and wash it off. You can also hold this mask overnight and rinse it off the next day using a gentle shampoo.

This oil has also been listed as one of the Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth that promotes the hair's health. Using lemongrass oil can strengthen hair follicles. It incorporates antibacterial properties that prevent scalp concern, including – dandruff, scaly or itchy scalp. It has a deep cleansing formula that clears and cleans the scalp from dirt and dust. For those facing lice issues, using this oil will help reduce and eliminate lice easily.

How to use Lemongrass oil for hair growth? You can mix lemongrass oil into your mild shampoo or conditioner. Using this oil, you can create your own hair oil too using this oil – what you have to add a few drops (one to two) into a tablespoon of any carrier oil (sweet almond, Jojoba, or grapeseed, whichever you want).

Cedarwood oil is thought to stimulate hair growth. Along with it, it balances oil-production glands in the scalp, thus preventing hair loss. This Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth is also known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties that can solve problems associated with the scalp.

How to use Cedarwood oil for hair growth?

For improved hair health, add two to three drops of Cedarwood oil to your shampoo; the ratio of mixing Cedarwood oil is about one drop of essential oil for one tablespoon of shampoo.

A Word From Shoprythm

Got a clear picture of 5 oils for hair growth Hope you had dove well into the section on how you can mix best oil for hair loss and regrowth with a carrier oil.

Carrier oil is best considered for the dilution method with the essential oil. Since EOs are pure and natural requires dilution before it gets topically applied on skin or hair.

Are you thinking this too –which carrier oil would go best for Hair Growth? If yes, then here is your answer! You can use your favorite or have been using a carrier oil. But yeah, if we will go more specific, you can pick Argan oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Grapeseed oil, or Jojoba oil for dilution with the hair growth essential oils.

Essential Oils are more expensive than aromatic oils because they are extracted using steam distillation, whereas aromatic oils are extracted by cold pressing. Both types of oil contain volatile compounds called terpenes, which give them their scent.

If you have any questions roaming in your mind, do share with us – we would be pleased to solve your query. And if you are interested in buying any of the cited 5 oils for hair growth, you can ping us via whatsapp or directly search by the name of that specific EO and proceed with your order!

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